Bernard Goonetilleke - A diplomat in our time

I recently read an article on about the lecture conducted by Mr. Bernard Goonetilleke, The Envoy in USA, about the Sri Lanka's conflict. Frankly I was so amused with the remarks made by him. It was very factual, and straight forward. Well done Mr. Goonetilleke, Keep up the good work.

Excerpts from the lecture:

When we speak of Sri Lanka today, our minds generally go to news items and editorials that dominate the day. During the month of October there have been many such editorials and news reporting. Some editorials referred to issues concerning Sri Lanka with captions such as “Asia’s unending war” (Boston Globe of October 22), “Tiger terror”, (The Times of October 19), “Targeting the Tamil Tigers” (Washington Times of October 18) etc. These referred to issues such as the ethnic conflict, terrorism, self-determination, Tamil homeland, aspirations and grievances of Tamils, human rights violations etc.

I would like to begin by saying that these are issues, which require in-depth knowledge of the topic, and not superficial understanding of the subjects. The time available is not sufficient for me to address all the issues, but I shall focus on some major ones.

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