C# Hell to Heaven

Recently I got the help of a .Net developer (Yes! He know the trade wery well but very much careless..) to develop a Flash based virtual banner making online application. I thought to went for .Net because with ASP I didnt see any inbuilt feature for server side image manipulations except some third party applications with many bugs.
Anyways the developer I mentioned left the project without any notice when the deadline reache leaving many bugs to me to deal with. Neither I didnt have a time to build it from the scratch with ASP (I could have done it easily with PHP but the client wanted the system built in ASP or .Net) nor I did have a way to debug it myself. I contacted several C# developers but all tehy were reluctant to touch it becaue it is comparatively large and complecated. Anyways I took the callenge to my hand and started the debugging (Thanks to my previous developer - he has done almost everything except the few bugs)..
When I ask for a help from experts-exchange I found this very smart and help-full guy GREG YOUNG, who help me through out the process. I learnt lot of things about .Net and beeing thinking about learning .Net in a formal wayafter finishing this project.

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