LTTE 'diplomats' and 'ministers' – Isn't it hilarious?

By Preethi Sirimanne - von den Driesch

The LTTE leaders demand diplomatic status ranking themselves as noblemen assigned to delegate their prestigious country. The aim is no doubt to carry anything like documents, weapons etc. without being searched - a privilege exclusively reserved for skilled professionals in the diplomatic branch who are well acquainted with international law, foreign policies etc. If other countries recognize the attempted “diplomatic status” of the LTTE, then the LTTE can demonstrate to the whole world that their call for independency is legitimate and the Tigers are the “sole representative of the Tamils”.

Diplomacy can be one of the dangerous tools that can be used by groups who struggle to gain independence and global recognition. The Western countries, for instance, do not grant diplomatic immunity to Palestinian representatives because they assume that it would be misused. However, though receiving diplomatic recognition is often difficult, Norway had more than often forced the Sri Lankan government to grant this prestigious status to the LTTE members whenever he Tigers travel abroad. Norway is very well aware that diplomatic recognition is an important factor in determining whether a nation is an independent state. If informal diplomacy, which is called track II diplomacy, is used to engage low-key members in a dialogue with the intention of solving a conflict issue, this necessity should have been recognized and approved from the sovereign government of Sri Lanka itself without being forced by Norway.

What is the game Norway is playing? Norwegian history shows one sees how in her struggle to gain independence from Sweden (In 1814 Denmark was defeated in the Napoleonic wars and ceded Norway to Sweden in the Treaty of Kiel) used the so-called “consular affair” as a key strategy. The Norwegians insisted to establish their own consuls rather than accepting diplomats appointed by the Swedish foreign minister.

The king of Sweden and his government opposed this act as an abdication of the throne’s right to set foreign policy. Thereafter the Norwegian parliament refused to acknowledge any official the Swedish king proposed and made an unanimous declaration stating the Storting (Norway’s parliament) hereby authorizes the cabinet that resigned today to exercise the powers held by the king in accordance with the Constitution of Norway and relevant laws - with the amendments necessitated by the dissolution of the union with Sweden under one king, resulting from the fact that the king no longer functions as a Norwegian king. Sweden regarded this statement as a rebellios act but eventually demonstrated willingness to negotiate.

The LTTE members often having obtained what they demanded are now trying to represent themselves as ministers, chosen and elected by the people democratically. S.P.Tamilselvan of the LTTE, who makes such demands, attempts to demonstrate as if he is a politician who is well acquainted with political science, international law and foreign affairs. Some time ago, Emmanuel, the former Catholic Bishop of Jaffna, made a statement to a Human Rights Organisation in Germany stated in an interview “Nelson Mandela, Arafat and many others, who were once, were branded as terrorists are now Prime ministers etc.”

Does Emmanuel attempt to equate Mandela who obtained a degree of law has a law degree and Arafat who studied civil engineering at the University of Cairo and later graduated with a degree in civil engineering to people like Tamilselvan?

It is very disturbing to notice how the so-called peacemakers, foreign organisations, Catholic bishops and priests attempt to elevate the degree of the LTTE and its members. Often propagandists who work as the "eyes" and the "ears" of certain movements try to manipulate the international audience. It is a sophisticated war tactic of guerrilla leaders/separatist movements to use intellectuals, reputed persons who express their frustrations against the so-called system of oppression. While giving interviews or statements LTTE supporters make it sure that the rebels are the selected people who can eradicate specific problems that lead to frustrations and that once they are in power there will be no more suppression and oppression.

Recently, the SLMM, (in their latest report) refused to blame the LTTE for trying to kill Army Commander Major General Sarath Fonseka. However, there are enough indications that speak that the Tigers did the suicide attack.

The Human Rights Organisation in Germany (which uses information from Emmanuel and other pro-LTTE supporters) writing in May 2006 justified the attempted murder of Major Fonseka as a means to bring back the balance of power to the peace process. The suicide attempt is regarded as retaliation to the actions of the SL army. The article refers to Trincomalee and states that it is situated in the "Tamil area", and criticizes the USA saying it is trying to use the port for military purposes. Interestingly Emmanuel in former interviews justified the attack of the LTTE on the Colombo’s airport saying that the airplanes, which were stationed, had bombarded Jaffna day and night. He further states that the Tamils who don't have any airplanes with bombs and who are undergoing years of bombing had no other choice than making similar targeted destructions in the airport. Emmanuel describes this action as act of self-defence. We see how a prominent Sri Lankan Catholic bishop instead of promoting peace uses language full of hatred and aggression. We see how some Human Rights groups fall into the traps laid down carefully by the aggressors.

Sri Lanka has once experienced how Europeans robbed land, enslaved, massacred, tortured and humiliated innocent people callously and pitilessly to accumulate power and wealth. We should beware of wolves that come in sheep’s clothes. The sovereignty we won in 1948 is of capital importance. It is an event too great, too precious and too significant to be destroyed by e few opportunists.

- Asian Tribune -


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The service was developed by Google's research arm, Google Labs. The company stressed the experimental nature of the product and said the service would initially be offered only to a very limited number of users.

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