Welldone Washington times!!!

Recently thre is a dendency to call the Sri Lankan Tiger terrorists as 'rebels' among many LTTE funded treacherous local mediamen who affiliated to foriengn news agencies. When the terrorists hits galle harbour with suicidal attack they call it "Suspected Rebel Attack", and when terrorists cold bloodedly killed 100+ un-armed service men, they call it "Suspected Rebel Attack" again..These media traitors always afraid to losing few dollars they are getting by betraying the motherland. I read a recent editorial published on Washington Times..in one passage they mentioned
Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher, who has rightly noted that the Tigers are a "terrorist group that needs to be treated accordingly,"

and again in another place they have written
The recent arrests in Baltimore of six men accused of purchasing weapons, including Russian-made surface-to-air missiles, for the Tigers, which came only a few months after similar arrests were made in a sting operation in New York, are the first concrete actions taken since the United States classified the Tamil Tigers as a terrorist organization in 1997. These important arrests should be followed by forceful prosecution. This is precisely the kind of action that U.S. authorities need to take to disrupt the flow of money and weapons to the Sri Lankan terrorists, which is the only way to force the group into earnest negotiations.

Thank you Washington times for calling the Spade..the Spade..

The full article you can read it from here http://washingtontimes.com/op-ed/20061017-100244-7867r.htm

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