Welldone Washington times!!!

Recently thre is a dendency to call the Sri Lankan Tiger terrorists as 'rebels' among many LTTE funded treacherous local mediamen who affiliated to foriengn news agencies. When the terrorists hits galle harbour with suicidal attack they call it "Suspected Rebel Attack", and when terrorists cold bloodedly killed 100+ un-armed service men, they call it "Suspected Rebel Attack" again..These media traitors always afraid to losing few dollars they are getting by betraying the motherland. I read a recent editorial published on Washington Times..in one passage they mentioned
Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher, who has rightly noted that the Tigers are a "terrorist group that needs to be treated accordingly,"

and again in another place they have written
The recent arrests in Baltimore of six men accused of purchasing weapons, including Russian-made surface-to-air missiles, for the Tigers, which came only a few months after similar arrests were made in a sting operation in New York, are the first concrete actions taken since the United States classified the Tamil Tigers as a terrorist organization in 1997. These important arrests should be followed by forceful prosecution. This is precisely the kind of action that U.S. authorities need to take to disrupt the flow of money and weapons to the Sri Lankan terrorists, which is the only way to force the group into earnest negotiations.

Thank you Washington times for calling the Spade..the Spade..

The full article you can read it from here http://washingtontimes.com/op-ed/20061017-100244-7867r.htm


Samsung SGH-D900 mobile phone Review

The Samsung D600 is one of the company's most popular phones to date and rated highly when reviewed it in October 2005. One year on, and Samsung has launched the SGH-D900 mobile phone. So does it build on the success of the previous version or is it more of the same?

A part of the company's new Ultra offering (the other two models are the X820 and D830) the D900 is both flat and thin (it measures 103.5 x 51 x 12.9mm and weighs 85 grams). Side by side to the D600 the phone is considerably thinner, however it is also considerably wider suffering from the same fate as the X820 which looks like its been run over by a steam roller from a Road Runner cartoon.

The compact model takes the similar styling to the D600 and even more so that phone's predecessor, the D500. The front features the same key layout with two select keys, an answer and hang up button and a central d-pad for navigating around the menus the rest of the unit is filled with the phones large 240 x 320 pixels TFT 256k colour screen.

Perhaps taking note of our complaint (at least we would like to think so) the camera has once again moved back inside the main frame of the phone like the D500 and when closed is hidden, rather than on show (as with the D600).

It's a welcome return and saves the 3.1-megapixel camera from getting scratched or dirt-filled when not in use. It also means that you can't turn it on in your pocket without realising it just like Sony Ericsson's K800i.

In tests, we were very impressed with the camera's performance, and although it doesn’t match up to the quality of the K800i from Sony Ericsson it certainly give it a run for its money with plenty of features like ISO and white balance settings for those who want to be a bit more adventurous.

We also found that compared to the other models in the Ultra range the camera's response time was considerably better and the extra megapixel certainly helps. As with the other D830 images can be saved either to the units 60MB embedded memory or to the phone's external micro SD card. In addition images can be sent to other devices via its Bluetooth connection and Samsung make this very easy to do from the start.

When it comes to interface and applications it's business as usual, with Samsung offering a slightly more modern looking interface available in black or white to its usual phone menu than in the past, however nothing that is going to surprise any previous Samsung mobile phone owner and the usual suspects such as web browser, alarms, voice recorder and calendar are still all present.

The D900 builds on the D600 perfectly offering a host of upgrades and new features, but in keeping with the original style.

Slight grumbles include a bottom rim to the phone, which we found impeded our comfortably pressing the bottom row of keys on the slider, but then is isn't a deal breaker.

If you are after a 2G phone that is thin but still offers good picture taking then the D900 will suit your needs, however for a slightly bulkier design you could opt for the Sony Ericsson K800i which in terms of offering is still light years ahead.

Good, but not the best out there.


Stream your home TV via LocationFree to the Sony Ericsson P990 smartphone

Your entertainment system can now be enjoyed in a slightly smaller format on the Sony Ericsson P990 smartphone because of a linkup with Sony's LocationFree device.

The LocationFree connects your home entertainment system as well as your broadband internet connection to stream whatever is on at home to various mobile devices, including notebook computers and some portable media players. Now you can watch it if you have the P990 smartphone.

LocationFree Player software, which comes pre-installed on new P990s or can be downloaded from Sony's website, allows you to programme your set-top box or video recorder remotely, so you'll never miss another show.

It also shouldn't cost a fortune to watch the content on the P990, as it can connect to the Base Station via the Internet, through a wifi connection in a hotspot, or through the 3G network.

To download LocationFree Player to the P990, visit www.sonyericsson.com/support.


The World's Biggest Real Estate Deal

WOW! So much money going for a piece of land!!
The record price for a real estate transaction in the U.S. was smashed on Oct. 17 when Tishman Speyer offered owner MetLife $5.4 billion for the 80 acres of Stuyvesant Town in Manhattan. The previous record was set in 2000, when Tishman Speyer bought Rockefeller Center for approximately $1.9 billion.
I bought a land about three years ago and it cost me only $450/perch. I took my calculator and did some maths to get how much he paid for a single perch of this land..It is $ 421,875.00 :O.

These people are crazy


Samsung's 10 megapixel SCH-B600 cameraphone hits for $950

Man, it sure took 'em long enough but Samsung just pushed the "world's first 10 megapixel mobile phone" onto shelves in Korea. Yeah, it's just the same cameraphone we fondled back at CeBIT in March of this year but hey, our eyes can't help but well with pride at the site of our pup all growed-up and turned out for use in the mean Seoul streets. All the specs are the same -- DMB mobile TV, MP3 player, business card reader, 3x optical zoom, LED autofocus, MMCmicro expansion, TV-out, and EV-DO -- only the price is new: 900,000 won or about $950 US green. Hey, bragging rights don't come cheap.


Samsung's SGH-i760 super slider

Oh yeah daddy, another full featured Windows Mobile phone for ya in that unmistakable black boxiness only Samsung can (unfortunately) deliver. This unannounced SGH-i760 takes an SGH-i600 engine, halves the shell to create a QWERTY slider, and then drops in a 240x320 touchscreen for getting your PocketPC on. The result: a UMTS/HSDPA and tri-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE powerhouse sporting a 520MHz Intel processor, 802.11b/g WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, microSD expansion, and a front-facing video cam with another 2 megapixel shooter 'round back all bundled up and spat out in a 115~154 × 57 × 19-mm / 119-gram slab of super slider action. No word on pricing or release yet, just more pics after the break.