How to detect badware - Few methods I follow

These days my computer has infected with one (or more) bad ware and seemingly corrupted some system files (Specially SQL Server log files, WINS files and some other system files) causing error messages quite often.

I usually follow some guidelines before going in to non-reputed sites (Porn sites- some porn sites have very advanced designing layouts and javascripts effects, Hacking Sites, Crack sites etc) because they are the major contributers of badware. Some of my precautions include

Some Precautions
  1. Disabling all the features of the browser (Eg: for IE Tools->Internet Options -> Security) except Submit Non encrypted form data.
  2. Not Responding for any Dilaogs (I just close the dialog with close (x) button instead of selecting 'Yes' 'No' or any other option.
  3. If the site insists that it needs to enable Javascript or ActiveX (IE detect Flash also as an ActiveX), Just exit from the site.
  4. Never open an email attachment unless it came from a known source (And lot of malware comes even from known sources - because many attacks address book and sends emails with attachment to all the entries). Hence If I have a doubt, just ignore it and if I think it is hard to ignore, atleast veryfy it)

Detecting Badware

  1. If your computer is becomming strangly slow ,
  2. Or gives frequent un-expected errors
  3. Or if the processor is bussy even though the computer is at idling

Your computer might probably infected with badware. While some variants of bad ware re easy to detect, but some are very hard to detect even with latest version of badware detection software. Detection can be done in many ways.

  • Using Badware detecting sofware : Of course this is the easiest method. Some of the badware removal softwares can be found from Here , Here , Here or Here
  • Using 'Netstat' command, type netstat in the command prompt, it will display all the active connections. If it displays too many connection, that is probably because of badware.
  • Using Taskmanager - press ctrl+alt+del and then click Task Manager. you can see the active processes running at the moment. If you can see any abnormal process just search google with the process name. Eg: Gator is notorious for adware (a form of badware). If you can see gator.exe in your active process list, you can search for 'gator.exe' with google, and you will get this result with more information about the project.
  • Or you can search for the file 'gator.exe' with computer file search and find the location of the file and delete the file (If you get 'File in use' like message, just end the process with taskmanager first).

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