Why it is not a good practice to use Javascript to block right click on your web pages.

I thought to write something on this topic because, there are numerous web sites I came across, that are trying to block copying images with Javascript, by detecting 'right click' and displayng some annoying message like "Copying is disabled". As we already know, user 'right click' on a web page due to various reasons... You shuold not use disabling right click because,
1. It will disable the other usefull action too..
2. It is un-professional
3. It is insulting -
And it is always not difficult to determined user to copy any content from your web site. (ie: Image, .swf file or a script file). I sometimes use following techniquest to copy any content from a web site.(Just for learning purposes)

Copy Images:
1. Disable Javascript with the brower
2. Copy the entire web page to the hard drive
3. Just click on the image and drag and drop it in to the address bar of the browser

Copy Script Files:
1. Just save the web page in to the hard drive. all the resource files will be copied to the folder created with the filename of the web page.

Flash contents:
1. Copy from the IE cache .
2. Use some application like "Sothink swf catcher"

Anyway I have found some websites uses nice techniques to overcome this situation in more polite, more professional manners.

1. Watermarking the images
2. Digital Watermarking
3. Over laying blank image (transparent gif)

1. Encrypting using a software like HTMLGuardian
2. using no-sense naming for variables etc

1. Protecting the .swf with the script
2. Setting the the content expiry date of the webpage to a back-date (something like 22/10/1940)
3. displaying a copywrite message

Final Thought : I think there is one very effetctive way to prtect your resources from someone who wants to steal your content. DONT put them on the web...because a determined user can steal anything you have put on a web page..:)

Happy Blogging :)

  1. Blogger deborah said,

    Feb 19, 2006, 2:54:00 AM

    Hi Nishan! Thanks for your few cents worth on my site. I like your latest entry - it definitely taught me something. ;)


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