Prepare to decommission weapons

Calling on EU member States to `to do everything in their capacity in order to stop all illegal attempts by the LTTE to uphold a system of forced taxation among sections of the Tamil Community living in the European Union`, the European Union Parliament Thursday requested the member states to freeze the assets of the LTTE associated bank accounts, holdings, companies or undertakings.

The EU parliament also reiterated that it does not recognize the Tigers` claim of being the sole representatives of the Tamil speaking people.

The EU also urged the LTTE to resume negotiations with the government without delay, and to be prepared to decommission its weapons and to set the state for a final political settlement of the conflict.

Severely condemning the stepped up LTTE attacks; the EU slammed both parties for the high level of human rights violations and the constant breaches of the CFA.

The resolution condemned the LTTE for targeting a troop ship carrying 710 unarmed personnel thereby endangering the lives of Nordic truce monitors accompanying the navy and the suicide attack on Army Commander Lt. Gen. Sarath Fonseka and recruitment of child soldiers.

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