Sri Lanka Governmment officially protests regarding SLMM statement

The Government officially announced yesterday that it denounces the statement made by SLMM regarding the strikes against tiger camps at Sampur.

This was stated at a discussion held between Head of the Peace Secretariat Mr. Palithe Kohona and SLMM chief Ulf Henriksson. Mr. Kohona explained the correct situation to the Head of SLMM and protested against the contradictory statements made by SLMM at different times.

SLMM chief had promised to correct the statement and re-issue it. According to government sources this was the first time that Norwegian facilitator’s action was questioned officially by the government and demanded that the issued statement should be corrected.

A government spokesman speaking to ‘Lankatruth’ said the government stand is that SLMM should make their statements based on correct information.

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