Local Government Polls Today

Another useless poll is over. It is reported that voters turnover is very low. Its is aparent that peoples interest for elections is diminishing fast. Anyway I like elections for one reason. I can have fully paid two days leave to cast my vote(Whether I cast my vote or not ;))..
This time both the UNP (some say this is UNF, but I dont know why they call is UNF, because UNF was formed when SB and Mahinda Chap joined UNP and they formed a coalition - but now all those people have gotten the membership of UNP, hence no coalition, no UNF) and SLFP (even some say this is UPFA - but I dont see a point there when you call them UPFA, without JVP) lost thier strongholds without contest. Thats a good thing in the country's perspective. Because it is always good to change the power spacially in the politics.

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